Layered Salsa Mac ‘N Cheese

This unique spin on the classic Mac ‘N Cheese makes a delicious meal for the whole family!  Easy and creamy, with just a little kick, and serves 4 with plenty of leftovers!


1 bag Rustichella Torchio or 1 lb of your favorite macaroni shape, cooked as directed and let cool
16 oz Mascarpone
2 c. Jalapeño Muenster, shredded
1.5 c. Mozzarella, shredded
2 Eggs, lightly beaten
1 container Ridiculously Good Salsa, Happy Medi-yum
1 tsp Dried Minced Onion, or 1/4 c. chopped green onion
Shaved Parmesan for topping
1/4 tsp Salt
Pepper, to taste


Preheat oven to 350° F.  In a medium bowl, mix Mascarpone, Mozzarella, Jalapeño Muenster, Onion, Eggs, Salt, and Pepper, until well blended.

Grease or spray a 13″ x 9″ baking pan.  Spread a thin layer (about 1/2 c.) of Salsa in the bottom of the pan.  Next, layer half of the Pasta over the salsa.  Then, spoon half of the cheese mixture over the pasta and spread it for an even layer.  Spoon the remaining salsa over the cheese mixture.  Repeat the layers of pasta and the cheese mixture, then top with Parmesan.*

Bake at 350° for 30 minutes, or until lightly browned.

*If you are preparing this ahead of time, at this point you may cover and refrigerate the dish until you are ready to bake it.  In this case, add 10-20 minutes to the oven time.


From The Greater Gouda:

1 package Rustichella Torchio
2 containers BelGioioso Mascarpone
2 c. Jalapeño Muenster
1.5 c. Mozzarella
1 dozen Eggs
1 container Ridiculously Good Salsa, Happy Medi-yum
1 package BelGioioso Shaved Parmesan

Kitchen Staples:

Dried Minced Onion