Event Catering

Cheese & Crackers

Choose cheeses from our large selection. Simple, elegant & delicious. Call us for pricing.



Choose 3-4 cheeses and 2-3 meats from our large selection. We’ll create a beautiful display that includes
garnish and crackers.*
$6.75 per person
$6.25 per person for 25 or more


Charcuterie Plus

The same as our charcuterie option with the addition of spreads, olives, jams, pickles or other accouterments.
$7.50 per person
$7.00 per person for 25 or more


Charcuterie Grand

The same as our Charcuterie Plus with the addition of rustic bread, cut veggies & veggie dip and fresh fruit.
$12.00 per person/$11.50 per person for 25 or more


Veggies or Fruit & Dip

Crunchy veggies or sweet seasonal fruit with a creamy dip. $40.00 (serves 15).


Sandwich Minis

Half-sized sandwiches on challah buns, whole or cut in half. $3.50 – $4.25 per sandwich. Order by the dozen.


Party Subs

Four feet of sandwich. Minimum 1 week lead time. Talk to us for more information.


Cheese Sushi/ Goat Pops/ Salmon Cups

Our delicious and unique house-made hors d’oeuvres.   Talk to us for pricing.


Need something special?
We’ll help! 

Call us at 740/990-0238