Caramel Apple Cider Mimosas

Fall caramel apple cider mimosas

A new twist on some old favorites to kick off your holiday celebration! Looking for something a bit richer? Serve it warm* and top each glass with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.





1/2 gallon Lawrence Orchard Apple Cider
1/2 package Wind & Willow Caramel Apple Cider Mix
1 bottle Perlage Prosecco
Apple slices for garnish if desired


Combine Apple Cider and Caramel Apple Mix. Warm, stirring until completely dissolved. Let cool and refrigerate until chilled. Pour into a pitcher, then add chilled prosecco, starting with 1/2 bottle and adding more to taste.  Garnish with apple slices either on the rim of the glasses or in the pitcher and serve.


Keep warming Cider mixture until hot but not boiling. Add room temperature Prosecco to taste. Pour into glasses or mugs, top with whipped cream and garnish with cinnamon.